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From Melanie Desaive <>
Subject KVM Live Storage Migration new Features
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2020 13:07:39 GMT
Hi all,

I learned that KVM storage live migration is only possible in some rare
cases for our setup using cloudstack 4.11.

Andrija pointed me to the steps necessary to do KVM live storage
migrations on the libvirt layer and doing the database magic
afterwards. This works well. If this is the only way to achieve this I
will be scripting the necessary steps in Python to automate this task.

I realized, that several issues concening KVM live migration will be
handled in the upcoming releases. Maybe an upgrade would solve my issue
and there is no need in scripting the libvirt storage migration?

Unfortunately none of the issues I found on github did exactly address
my case. Could anyone advise me here? Could the update to 4.14 bring us
support for KVM live storage migration? 

We are not using FTP but export blockstorage from our storage system:

We are mounting our storage LUNs over fibrechannel with clvm/gfs2 and
importing it as SharedMountPoint in CloudStack. At this point we can
still change the architecture to make storage features (like storage
migration) possible in Cloudstack.

For reference, those are the issues I found in github:

4.11/#2298: CLOUDSTACK-9620: Enhancements for managed storage
4.12/#2997: Allow KVM VM live migration with ROOT volume on file
storage type
4.13/#3533: KVM local migration issue #3521
4.13/#3424: KVM Volumes: Limit migration of volumes within the same
storage pool.
4.13/#2983: KVM live storage migration intra cluster from NFS source
and destination
n.a./#3508: Enable KVM storage data motion on KVM


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