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From li jerry <>
Subject 回复: VXLAN Connectivity
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2020 01:14:51 GMT
Please check your switch port MTU value (9000), the default is 1500

Vxlan needs to modify the package header. The default MTU value will not be able to transfer

发件人: Mr Jazze <> 
发送时间: 2020年3月18日 6:31
收件人: CloudStack Mailing-List <>
主题: VXLAN Connectivity

Hello Again,

I've reconfigured my test environment to use VXLAN instead of OVS which went no where. I've
of course deployed Advance Mode and put all the pieces in place which yielded a somewhat functional
cloud. I was able to deploy Windows Server 2016 virtual machine. Initially, this VM didn't
acquire it's DHCP address from VPC router. I noticed VM was running on 2nd host and router
was running on 1st host, so I migrated VM to the same host as router; then it was able to
acquire DHCP address and ping Then, while trying to troubleshoot why there was no
connectivity across hosts the router took a dump and I had to destroy it to get another router
deployed, now VM is unable to get IP address regardless of which host.

Does anyone have any experience with similar issue with VXLAN connectivity and/or advice on
how to resolve?



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