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From Sean Lair <>
Subject RE: Issue adding a second zone to Cloudstack
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2020 22:17:09 GMT
Thank you for the reply Vivek!  I was wondering if that was the case but just couldn't find
any documentation to verify.  We've done that and are back on the right path!

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From: Vivek Kumar <> 
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2020 4:22 AM
Subject: Re: Issue adding a second zone to Cloudstack

Hello Sean,

You need to again seed the template to the secondary storage of your new zone just like you
did for the first zone.

/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt -m /mnt/secondary
-u <>
-h kvm -s <optional-management-server-secret-key> -F

Vivek Kumar
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IndiQus Technologies
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> On 28-Mar-2020, at 4:08 AM, Sean Lair <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are running 4.11.3 with a single zone, that zone is working without issue.  We are
trying to add a second zone to the installation, and everything seems to go well, except we
are confused on how the SystemVM templates should be handled for the new zone.  The new zone
has its own secondary storage (NFS).  When Cloudstack sees the new Zone, it attempts to provision
a Secondary Storage VM.  However, it is unable to because the SystemVM Template doesn't exist
on the new secondary storage (NFS).
> Are we supposed to pre-populate another copy of the SystemVM Template in the additional
zone and secondary storage?  Or should cloudstack copy the existing SystemVM Template (which
is set as cross-zone) to the new zone for us?  Here is some detailed information:
> MariaDB [cloud]> SELECT id,name,type,cross_zones,state FROM cloud.vm_template WHERE
name like '%systemvm-kvm%' AND removed IS NULL;
> +-----+------------------------------+---------+-------------+----------+
> | id  | name                         | type    | cross_zones | state    |
> +-----+------------------------------+---------+-------------+----------+
> | 344 | systemvm-kvm-4.11.3          | SYSTEM  |           1 | Active   |
> +-----+------------------------------+---------+-------------+----------+
> MariaDB [cloud]> select id,store_id,template_id,install_path, download_state from
> +-----+----------+-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------+
> | id  | store_id | template_id | install_path                                       
                   | download_state |
> +-----+----------+-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------+
> | 666 |        1 |         344 | template/tmpl/2/344/182f0a79-1e16-3e53-a6e9-fcffe5f11c3e.qcow2
        | DOWNLOADED     |
> | 756 |       16 |         344 | template/tmpl/1/344/                               
                   | DOWNLOADED     |
> +-----+----------+-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------+
> Why in the template_store_ref table did cloudstack add a new row with "downloaded" and
missing a filename in the "install_path"?
> The KVM host cannot mount the template on the new secondary storage, because it isn't
there yet (should cloudstack be copying that template from the existing zone to the new one
for us?):
> ----------------------
> 2020-03-27 18:51:40,626 ERROR [] (agentRequest-Handler-2:null)
(logid:6b50f03a) Failed to create netfs mount:
> org.libvirt.LibvirtException: internal error: Child process (/usr/bin/mount
/mnt/b69caab0-4c1e-34b6-94b8-2617ba561e9a -o nodev,nosuid,noexec) unexpected exit status 32:
mount.nfs: mounting failed, reason given
by server: No such file or directory
> ---------------------
> Thanks!
> Sean

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