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From Yiping Zhang <>
Subject Can't start systemVM in a new advanced zone deployment
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2019 00:41:11 GMT
Hi, list:

I am struggling with deploying a new advanced zone using ACS + vSphere 6.5 + NetApp
volumes for primary and secondary storage devices. The initial setup of CS management server,
seeding of systemVM template, and advanced zone deployment all went smoothly.

Once I enabled the zone in web UI and the systemVM template gets copied/staged on to primary
storage device. But subsequent VM creations from this template would fail with errors:

2019-06-03 18:38:15,764 INFO  [c.c.h.v.m.HostMO] (DirectAgent-7:ctx-d01169cb,
job-3/job-29, cmd: CopyCommand) VM 533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a not found in host cache

2019-06-03 18:38:17,017 INFO  [c.c.h.v.r.VmwareResource] (DirectAgent-4:ctx-08b54fbd,
job-3/job-29, cmd: CopyCommand) VmwareStorageProcessor and VmwareStorageSubsystemCommandHandler
successfully reconfigured

2019-06-03 18:38:17,128 INFO  [c.c.s.r.VmwareStorageProcessor] (DirectAgent-4:ctx-08b54fbd, job-3/job-29, cmd: CopyCommand) creating full clone from template

2019-06-03 18:38:17,657 INFO  [c.c.h.v.u.VmwareHelper] (DirectAgent-4:ctx-08b54fbd,
job-3/job-29, cmd: CopyCommand) [ignored]failed toi get message for exception: Error caused
by file /vmfs/volumes/afc5e946-03bfe3c2/533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a/533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a-000001.vmdk

2019-06-03 18:38:17,658 ERROR [c.c.s.r.VmwareStorageProcessor] (DirectAgent-4:ctx-08b54fbd, job-3/job-29, cmd: CopyCommand) clone volume from base image failed
due to Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException

Message: Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/afc5e946-03bfe3c2/533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a/533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a-000001.vmdk

If I try to create “new VM from template” (533b6fcf3fa6301aadcc2b168f3f999a) on vCenter
UI manually,  I will receive exactly the same error message. The name of the VMDK file in
the error message is a snapshot of the base disk image, but it is not part of the original
template OVA on the secondary storage.  So, in the process of copying the template from secondary
to primary storage, a snapshot got created and the disk became corrupted/unusable.

Much later in the log file,  there is another error message “failed to fetch any free public
IP address” (for ssvm, I think).  I don’t know if these two errors are related or if one
is the root cause for the other error.

The full management server log is uploaded as

Any help or insight on what went wrong here are much appreciated.


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