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From Melanie Desaive <>
Subject Re: How to Reorganise Storage Tags
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2018 18:41:25 GMT
Hi andrija,

thanks a lot for your answer.

Indeed is absolutely sufficient for me to know that I may change disk_offering_id for a volume.
I would assume it is not necessary to shut down/restart the VM or restart management service,
but will try tomorrow.

I will figure out a suitable path to migrate the volumes to their destination pools and also
change the offering to those with the desired tags that way. Absolutely ok for me to do it
in two or more steps.

Anyone ever changed disk_offering.tags manually?

Anyway, happy to see a solution for my task and looking forward to try it out tomorrow.



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Am 13. Dez. 2018, 17:32, um 17:32, Andrija Panic <> schrieb:
>Hi Melanie,
>when  moving volume to new storage, when you want to change disk
>(or compute offering for ROOT disk...), ACS doesn't allow that - it
>only offerings that have same tag as current offering (not good...)
>We have inhouse patch, so that you CAN do that, by making sure to list
>offergins that have TAG that matches the TAG of the new destination
>pool of
>the volume (hope Im clear here).
>All volumes read tag from their offering - so just either change
>disk_offering_id filed for each moved/migrated volume  to point to same
>sized offering on new storage - and then normally change it once more
>UI to a new once etc - or manualy change to smaller disk offering (DB
>and later via UI/API to correct (same size) disk offering (or bigger if
>want to really resize)
>I can try to share a patch in a non-developer, copy/paste way - in case
>want to patch your ACS to support this (as explained at the begining of
>Hope that helps
>On Thu, 13 Dec 2018 at 13:50, Melanie Desaive
>> Hi all,
>> we are currently reorganizing our SAN Setup and I would like to
>> introduce new storage tags on my existing volumes.
>> I was naively assuming to simply change the tags or offering by GUI
>> API calls.
>> Does not seem to work. Only way to change the tags, seems to be by
>> a new disk offering, which is denied, when the tags between old and
>> offering differ. :( Or am I missing something?
>> I had a look into the cloud database, and the storage tags, seem to
>> only stored in
>>   disk_offering.tags
>> and
>>   storage_pool_tags.tag
>> Would it be a valid option for me to update disk_offering.tags by SQL
>> the desired value or could that break some deeper logic?
>> Or is there even a better way to change the storage tags for existing
>> volumes. (With or without downtime for the VMs)
>> Looking forward to any advice!
>> Greetings,
>> Melanie
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>Andrija Panić

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