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From "Vivek Singh" <>
Subject Storage VM not getting start new setup
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2018 11:11:34 GMT
Hello Friends,


I am new to cloudstack and from last 2 weeks I am struggling to install
cloudstack using  quick installation procedure

I tried all the method that I can google and apply but no luck.



I am using  VM on ESXi  as a management server. I enable promiscuous mode on
ESXi switch. I am using Centos6.10


My ssvm and cosole-proxy VM are not coming up. I'm login through
virt-manager  into both system vm and found their network cards are not up.

I assign static ip and rebooted but all the ip deleted from interfaces after


I am attaching log when I started the installation utill I getting the error
message "There is no secondary storage VM for secondary storage host".



I really appreciate any help 




Vivek Singh 


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