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From Jon Marshall <>
Subject Advanced networking adding a host
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 10:01:53 GMT
Trying to setup advanced networking using KVM CS v4.11

When I try to add the first host in the initial setup I get this in the management-server
log -

local), Ver: v1, Flags: 110, { ReadyAnswer } }
2018-07-03 10:30:37,489 DEBUG [c.c.u.s.SSHCmdHelper] (qtp788117692-16:ctx-c7a9deda ctx-9bbb3bea)
(logid:2e852372) SSH command: cloudstack-setup-agent  -m -z 1 -p 1 -c 1 -g 9f2b15cb-1b75-321b-bf59-f83e7a5e8efb
-a -s  --pubNic=cloudbr1 --prvNic=cloudbr0 --guestNic=cloudbr1 --hypervisor=kvm
SSH command output:
Usage: cloudstack-setup-agent [options]

cloudstack-setup-agent: error: no such option: -s

2018-07-03 10:30:37,489 INFO  [c.c.h.k.d.LibvirtServerDiscoverer] (qtp788117692-16:ctx-c7a9deda
ctx-9bbb3bea) (logid:2e852372) cloudstack agent setup command failed: cloudstack-setup-agent
 -m -z 1 -p 1 -c 1 -g 9f2b15cb-1b75-321b-bf59-f83e7a5e8efb -a -s  --pubNic=cloudbr1
--prvNic=cloudbr0 --guestNic=cloudbr1 --hypervisor=kvm

and sure enough there is no "-s" option according to the agent -

 cloudstack-setup-agent -h
Usage: cloudstack-setup-agent [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a                    auto mode
  -m MGT, --host=MGT    Management server hostname or IP-Address
  -z ZONE, --zone=ZONE  zone id
  -p POD, --pod=POD     pod id
  -c CLUSTER, --cluster=CLUSTER
                        cluster id
  -t HYPERVISOR, --hypervisor=HYPERVISOR
                        hypervisor type
  -g GUID, --guid=GUID  guid
  --pubNic=PUBNIC       Public traffic interface
  --prvNic=PRVNIC       Private traffic interface
  --guestNic=GUESTNIC   Guest traffic interface

anyone have an idea what the management server thinks the "-s"  option is meant to be (storage

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