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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: Anyone using LB to solve Console Proxy DNS..
Date Wed, 09 May 2018 16:45:32 GMT
Hi Andrija,

I'm running a small CI/homelab where I've solved the console proxy access using `consoleproxy.url.domain`
global setting to fill in a non-wildcard domain like

Next, on the server I use apache2 which can be thought as some LB, as it proxies the request
on: /aa

        ProxyPass /ajax http://<console proxy ip:port>/ajax
        ProxyPassReverse /ajax http://<console<http://%3Cconsole/> proxy ip:port>/ajax

        ProxyPass /ajaximg http://<console<http://%3Cconsole/> proxy ip:port>/ajaximg
        ProxyPassReverse /ajaximg http://<console<http://%3Cconsole/> proxy ip:port>/ajaximg

        ProxyPass /resource http://<console<http://%3Cconsole/> proxy ip:port>/resource
        ProxyPassReverse /resource http://<console<http://%3Cconsole/> proxy ip:port>/resource

For any guest VM, I get to access the console proxy via the same domain as the mgmt server
which proxies to the CPVM IP. In 4.11 there is also a new option to dedicate a public IP (range)
to systemvms in a way could be useful to fix public IP - dns mapping.

For this to work, on 4.11 I made this change:

- Rohit


From: Andrija Panic <>
Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2018 4:10:24 AM
To: users
Subject: Anyone using LB to solve Console Proxy DNS..


instead of using DNS A records in form --> x.y.w.zz,
there is another way as stated in CWIKI to fix an IP/A record in DNS that
will point to single public IP of the LB, and this LB should do
loadbalancing across all public IPs that could be potentially assigned to
CPVM... or something like that..

Anyone using it, and care to share LB setup - specifically I would like to
know if I understand the requirement above ^^^  - to do LB on top of many
public IPS..

I have more than 1000 public IPs and CPVM can in theory get ANY of these
1000 IPs, so here solution is to either:

- create 1000 DNS A records in from and access CPVM by
some of those 1000 A records..
- create a LB (single public IP and thus single DNS A entry), BUT do
loadbalancing on top of 1000 backend public IPs...

Not sure which solution is worse to be honest, but I currently use the
first one :) on a dedicated domain for Console Proxy... although when CPVM
is destroyed, the same public IP is usually recycled, so it mostly keeps
the same always...

Thx for any opinions.


Andrija Panić
53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK

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