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From Stephan Seitz <>
Subject problem adding new shared network NIC to VM "A NIC with this MAC address exits for network:"
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2018 09:12:02 GMT
Hi there!

After upgrading a working 4.9.2 setup to we've noticed that we're unable to add a
NIC (shared network) to a running VM via GUI.
The Error is "A NIC with this MAC address exits for network: (uuid of the current (other
NIC) network)"
Using cloudmonkey and giving a self-computed MAC-address does not rise the error and works
as expected.

After digging into the code, I think I've found the problem, but am too bad in java to provide
a sustainable fix.

I've attached a patch which obviously (with own manual tests) fixes that issue by simply commenting
out the respective codeblock.

As far as I dug into the code, the third parameter of NicProfile is handled by 

NetUtils.long2Mac(NetUtils.createSequenceBasedMacAddress(ipVO.getMacAddress(), NetworkModel.MACIdentifier.value())


I assume createSequenceBasedMacAddress can handle null as MAC, but doesn't get called at all

_nicDao.findByNetworkIdAndMacAddress(networkId, macAddress) results != null if macAddress
is null.

Sorry, if I'm wrong, didn't had decent IDE at hand :)


Stephan Seitz


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Schwedter Str. 8/9b, 10119 Berlin

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