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From "Swen -">
Subject AW: How to move/replace management server?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2018 18:25:40 GMT

would it be possible to just migrate with a downtime?
1. shutdown management service
2. shutdown usage service (if running)
3. Dump DB
4. Install new server with same IP
4. Install CS on new host
5. Import db
6. start services

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Von: Paul Angus [] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 2. März 2018 18:38
Betreff: RE: How to move/replace management server?

You can force the issue by stopping the all mgmt. servers, setting the management_server_id
of the hosts in the host table to NULL when setting the old host to removed then restarting
the new mgmt. server.

It's generally best practice to keep your mysql and mgmt. servers on separate hosts to make
life easier when moving stuff around (like now).
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From: Martin Emrich <>
Sent: 02 March 2018 14:15
Subject: Re: How to move/replace management server?


Am 02.03.18 um 10:49 schrieb Paul Angus:
> Hi Martin,
> At a high level, what I would recommend doing, is building a new management host on CentOS7,
add it as an additional management server.  Update the 'host' entry in the global settings
to point to the new host.  And then mark the original management server as removed (by setting
a date in the removed field in the database).
Thanks, so I basically upgrade from a single-node-setup to a cluster, wait a day or so for
all components to "learn" that there is a new guy in town, and then remove the old node? Sounds
> This assumes your database is on a separate VM/host.
The DB is running on the same host, but migrating it should be easy beforehand.



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