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From Eric Green <>
Subject Re: Migrating VMs from AWS to CloudStack
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 17:18:15 GMT
Not happening unless your instances on Amazon are Centos or some other "standard" Linux distribution,
not standard Amazon Linux. Amazon Linux is its own thing and won't run outside the Amazon
ecosphere, and Windows instances on AWS don't react well at all to having their hypervisor
yanked out from under them and a new hypervisor slid under them.

When I did this recently, I instead set up a Puppet server with a clone of the puppetry that
set up my AWS instances (my full puppet configuration tree was in a git repository so that
was not a big deal), modified it to set up the same software on Centos rather than Amazon
Linux (took some slight mods because the standard OS packages are slightly different between
the two), then set up some fresh instances using a template that had puppet pre-installed
on it and the userdata scripts from my CloudFormation templates minus the AWS-specific bits
(the userdata scripts are responsible for configuring the instances to connect to the puppet
server with the proper instance type in order to do the final configuration). 

If you are not using a configuration management system like Puppet, Chef, or Ansible, you're
doing things wrong. You've *been* doing things wrong. Managing a fleet of virtual machines
by hand is not the way to do things in the 21st Century.

> On Sep 7, 2017, at 05:08, Imran Ahmed <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have got a task to migrate VMs from AWS to CloudStack  (private cloud) .
> Any ideas to get this done efficiently?
> Regards,
> Imran

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