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From <>
Subject Re: Creating a Network inside a vpc which isnt attached to the routervm
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:07:41 GMT

we are hitting the same limitation, except that we can use 10 NICs on VMware.

The fact that we also use the Private Gateway functionality addes another NIC, besides the
management and outside NIC which is present as well.

I wonder that is the reason for one NIC per tier? Why not just use one outside NIC, one management
NIC and *one* NIC for the tiers, where the VLANs (or whatever isolation method is used) is
trunked, for example just using subinterfaces and dot1Q tags? This would eliminate this limit
for whatever hypervisor that supports trunk to it’s guests (I know for sure about VMWare,
not so much about the other hypervisors).


Am 15.08.17, 10:52 schrieb "Dag Sonstebo" <>:

    Hi Dennis,
    Any tier or network which is accessible and part of a VPC requires an interface on the
VPC Virtual Router.
    What you can however do is create separate shared networks and connect these as secondary
networks to your VMs – these shared networks get their own VR.
    Dag Sonstebo
    Cloud Architect
    On 15/08/2017, 09:19, "Dennis Meyer" <> wrote:
        im using xenserver as hypervisor so im limited to 7 nic's / vm, so the
        router vm cant handle more than 7 nics which corresponds to 7 networks
        inside a vpc. I had created some networks for different drbd and corosync
        stuff, they dont need a gateway, dhcp and a router vm. How should a network
        offering look like which dont creates a network on the routervm but is
        accessible by the vpc?
    53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK

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