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From Anshul Gangwar <>
Subject Re: CloudStack 4.9 Enabling Local Storage for Zones
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 08:57:03 GMT
It’s not that kind of setting. 

Goto Zone →<zone-name>→Details

Go through all the details. There you will see “Enable local storage for User VMs”. Modify
details to change the value.


On 03/08/17, 2:17 PM, "Imran Ahmed" <> wrote:

    Hi Anshul,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Can you specify the setting parameter? All I can see under settings for a zone are below
    1.  enable.dynamic.scale.vm Enables/Disables dynamically scaling a vm 
    2.  guest.domain.suffix     Default domain name for vms inside virtualized networks fronted
by router    
    3.  minreq.sysvmtemplate.version  What version should the Virtual Routers report    
    4.  network.router.EnableServiceMonitoring    service monitoring in router enable/disable
    5.  network.throttling.rate Default data transfer rate in megabits per second allowed
in network.    
    6.      Percentage (as a value between
0 and 1) of allocated storage utilization above which allocators will disable using the pool
for low allocated storage available.
    7.    Percentage (as a value between 0 and 1)
of storage utilization above which allocators will disable using the pool for low storage
    8.   Indicates whether to use local storage pools or shared
storage pools for system VMs.   
    9.  use.external.dns  Bypass internal dns, use external dns1 and dns2 
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    From: Anshul Gangwar [] 
    Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2017 1:32 PM
    Subject: Re: CloudStack 4.9 Enabling Local Storage for Zones
    That option is available in zone details. 
    On 03/08/17, 1:16 PM, "Imran Ahmed" <> wrote:
        Hello All,
        I am working on a cloudstack 4.9 setup with a few KVM hosts. Some of the KVM
        hosts have local primary storage besides the NFS storage.
        In the global settings I could not find an option to enable local storage
        for the zone. ( I am using advanced zone here).
        When I tried to create a VM instance on the local storage, it gave an error
        saying something like " Local storage is not enabled for the zone...."
        To resolve this issue, I had to manually enable the local storage setting in
        the database as below:
        update data_center set is_local_storage_enabled = 1 where id =<zone id here>
        I wonder why this option is not available on the GUI under global settings..
        Thanks and regards,
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