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From Ugo Vasi <>
Subject vm disappear after migration
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 13:22:40 GMT
Hi all,
we have an installation of cloudstack 4.5 on Ubuntu 16.04 with KVM as 

We have one zone only and an advanced network configuration with some 
isolated networks.

Since a few days we have a problem while migrating some VMs from any 
hypervisor to any other one, but the problem does not affect all VMs.

Some VMs migrate from an host to another but disappear from the network. 
I can enter via proxy-console but it seems they are disconnected from 
the network, the router is not pingable in both directions (router to vm 
and vice versa). Other VMs and routers of the isolated network continue 
to work.
In some cases the VMs return visible if I migrate them back to the 
original host, in some other cases I have to stop and restart them.

Note that this problem has only appeared recently, we did not make 
changes to network topology, the same VMs that cause problems now didn't 
Cloudstack doesn't log any problem...

Any ideas?


   U g o   V a s i    <>
   P r o c n e  s.r.l    >)
   via Cotonificio 45  33010 Tavagnacco IT
   phone: +390432486523 fax: +390432486523

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