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From Suresh Anaparti <>
Subject Re: Adding new host with VMware hypervisor
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2017 12:15:08 GMT
When the new host has a different network config, Add it to a new cluster in the vCenter and
then add that Cluster in ACS with cluster override traffic labels for guest and public traffic.
Refer the params: guestvswitchname, guestvswitchtype, publicvswitchname and publicvswitchtype
parameters in addCluster API. ACS would automatically discover the current hosts in the newly
added cluster and add them. Follow the steps in below email for adding hosts in that cluster


On 10/02/17, 9:23 PM, "Sergey Levitskiy" <> wrote:

    With vmware clusters the behavior is the following:
    1. When a new cluster is added all ESX hosts in the cluster are automatically discovered
and added to ACS with no host tag. If a tag is needed it needs to be added to each host individually
    2.  To add an additional host to a cluster
    a. Add host in vSphere matching network config of other hosts e.g. if vDs is used new
host needs to be added to vDS before proceeded to the next step
    b. All hosts in the cluster should have the same name for Management portgroup and match
ACS global setting ‘vmware.managment.portgroup’. The default is ‘Management Network’
    c. Add host into cluster in ACS using host name as seen in vCenter client. A host tag
can be specified at that time. To authenticate to the host ACs will use vSphere credentials
cached for the cluster. 

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