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From Suresh Anaparti <>
Subject Re: Console Proxy Error
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2017 11:58:23 GMT
Hi Merlin,

It seems Agent is not running in CPVM. Can you please post the log /var/log/cloud/cloud.log
in CPVM. Also, reboot CPVM and observe the boot logs. If you find any errors, please post
If agent is running in CPVM, check its connectivity to MS at port 8250.


On 13/02/17, 10:29 AM, "" <>

    Hi Everyone,
    So after the Secondary storage giving me troubles, it is console proxy now.
    It reads up and running.
    But however,When I make a new VM and want to set it up using the console
    view, it does not work.
    I used the following url to check what is the problem.
    The first step, where ps aux| grep -v grep| grep com.agent.AgentShell is
    typed, there is no response. The following steps do respond the way they
    To debug, I checked if the Cloudstack-agent/management server and java are
    running on MS. They are.
    I also checked if service cloud is running on CPVM and it is.
    Could you please guide me, what to do?
    I have been wanting to run this cloudstack 4.9 installation successfully
    for some time now. But some error pops up everytime.

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