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From Asai <>
Subject Re: KVM Live VM Snapshots
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2016 14:23:19 GMT
Thanks for the feedback.  I guess I need a little more assistance in understanding the correct
procedure for disaster recovery.  

With XenServer I have my VMs snapshotted then exported to backup weekly. So I guess I've never
really used snapshots except to then export the snapshot as a backup VM.  

So... How can I do that in Cloudstack with KVM?  Or is there a better solution for disaster
recovery that doesn't cost $$$?

On December 19, 2016 6:01:02 AM MST, Simon Weller <> wrote:
>There is a pending PR awaiting merge that added VM snapshots to ACS for
>In regards to why it hasn't been merged, that's a good question. Why
>don't you comment on the PR and ask that question. Community
>involvement is the best way to get features moving forward.
>I do agree though with Macro that snapshots are not really designed for
>BCDR purposes.
>- Si
>From: Marc-Aurèle Brothier <>
>Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 2:31 AM
>Subject: Re: KVM Live VM Snapshots
>Hi Asai,
>In my opinion, doing a VM snapshot is making a step in the wrong
>Your applications/system running inside your VMs should be designed to
>handle an OS crash. Then a new VM, freshly installed, should be able to
>back into your application setup so that you have again an appropriate
>number of healthy nodes.
>On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 4:34 AM, Asai <>
>> Greetings,
>> Is it correct that currently there is no support in Cloudstack for
>> live VM snapshots? I see that Volume snapshots are available for
>> VMs, but that makes me wonder what everyone is doing to get a
>> recovery backup of a KVM based VM?  I did ask this question a few
>> back, but only one person responded with one solution, and I am
>> trying to figure out what the best solutions are here.
>> Has anybody seen this script?
>ringe's gists · GitHub<>
>Maximum users of an application, limit license usage on Windows
>Terminal Server View maximum_users.ps1. # name of procsess we are
>tracking $ limited_process ...
>> 334ee88ba5451c8f5732
>> What is the community's opinion of scripts like this?  And also, big
>> question, if this script is good, why isn't it integrated into
>> Thanks,
>> Asai

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