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From Grégoire Lamodière <>
Subject RE: Zone edit - Physical network update
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2016 19:19:37 GMT
Hi Dag, 

Thank you for this feedback.

I will check for a smooth migration (migration is not a big deal, but working with IP reservation,
etc. could be time consumming).
Anyway, I think my understanding was not the good one regarding pr-storage, and situation
is now very clear thanks to your last reply about the network labels.

Best Regards.

Grégoire Lamodière
T/ + 33 6 76 27 03 31

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De : Dag Sonstebo [] 
Envoyé : lundi 21 novembre 2016 18:31
À :
Objet : Re: Zone edit - Physical network update

Hi Grégoire,

Obviously hoping to work with you, but if you were a support customer we would advise against
this approach – moving all CloudStack traffic to a new physical network is very much untested
territory and we couldn’t guarantee success. We would probably advise you to consider a
phased swing migration – where you potentially free up some of your existing hypervisors,
rebuild these with the correct networking and then add them as a new cluster in CloudStack
– before trying migrate your workload. As you then free up more resources on the original
cluster you can evacuate more hosts, rebuild them and add to the new cluster, until you have
all your hosts in the new cluster. 

With regards to you “cs-mgmt” traffic question  – keep in mind there is nothing stopping
you just keeping this where it is on eth0. You don’t need to use labels for *primary storage*
 – this simply requires connectivity and CloudStack doesn’t care how this works. The CloudStack
storage network labelling is purely for secondary storage. So if you add the new cards as
effectively IP based HBAs with an additional storage IP address and present new primary storage
pools purely over this interface you can simply add new NFS shares as new primary storage
pools. This means the XenServers will speak to old primary storage on the existing interfaces
(cs-mgmt?) and to the new primary storage over the new interfaces (call this e.g. cs-primarystorage
if you want). This would potentially allow you to storage migrate from old to new primary
storage *without changing any existing CloudStack labelling*.

If you require more advanced traffic configuration changes than this the phased migration
mentioned above would be your best bet.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 21/11/2016, 16:47, "Grégoire Lamodière" <> wrote:

    Hi Dag, 
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    As you can easily understand, the goal of this lab job is to be moved to production later
on, so un-predictable options are not really options (specially when you'll know that Shapeblue
will probably handle the support for us in the coming weeks:))
    The goal is to move our current SAS 6gbits storage to 10 Gbe, so yes, I was assuming management
network to a new network card (10 Gbe), and storage as well (to take advantage of 10 Gbe rather
than staying on the 1 Gbe link).
    When you say " Keep in mind the physical network is mainly cosmetic", does it stand for
    	"Physical Network 1
    		Management traffic (ex. : cs-mgmt label)"
    Doesn't mean that cs-mgmt network should be related to eth0 on the physical host ? 
    In other work, can I plug my new network card, rename cs-mgmt on the old one to cs-mgmt-old
and create cs-mgmt on the new one ?
    If so, you are right, I will add the card and move the management label to the 10 Gbe.
    But I assume I could do the same for the storage network label ?
    Thanks again.
    Best Regards.
    Grégoire Lamodière
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    De : Dag Sonstebo [] 
    Envoyé : lundi 21 novembre 2016 16:59
    À :
    Objet : Re: Zone edit - Physical network update
    Hi Gregoire,
    First of all – I think you’re probably on very thin ice with this one – you may
be able to do this in the lab but it would be very risky to carry out in a production environment.
    Saying that – if you want to persevere and are happy this may break your lab - a starting
point would possibly be:
    - Add the new cards to your XenServers.
    - Create new networks in XenCentre – with new network labels.
    - Not sure if this is required – but you would probably add the new physical network
using CloudMonkey. Keep in mind the physical network is mainly cosmetic – your network configuration
uses labelling only hence you may just use the existing physical network.
    - Stop CloudStack management.
    - Hack the network labels in the cloud.host_details and cloud.physical_network_traffic_types
to reflect the new networks.
    - On your XenServers / Xencentre move all existing networks (VLANs) to the new networks
(unsure of the steps or if this is possible).
    - <insert other magic here>
    - Restart management.
    One other point – you mention this is for a *primary storage* migration – keep in
mind the storage network in the CS configuration is for *secondary storage*. If all you want
to do is to migrate to a new storage network and a new storage backend your best bet is to:
    - Add the new cards + configure the new storage network on the XenServers – no need
to label this.
    - Present new primary storage pools from your NAS on the respective networks – making
sure the new NFS shares are only available over your 10Gbe network.
    - Add the new NFS shares as new primary storage pools in the ACS gui.
    - Storage migrate from old NFS shares to new.
    This is a much simpler way and would be a supported configuration change.
    Hope this helps,
    Dag Sonstebo
    Cloud Architect
    On 21/11/2016, 14:50, "Grégoire Lamodière" <> wrote:
        Dear All,
        In my lab, I have a CS 4.7 advanced zone working fine.
        I am now in the process of testing a primary storage migration (currently SAS based
to 10 Gbe nfs).
        To perform this migration, I need to attach new network controlers (10 Gbe controlers)
        I have no problem for the hardware part of my work, but I am wondering how CS can
handle this change.
        Right now, on my zone conf, I have :
        -          Physical Network 1
        o   Management traffic (with XenServer Label)
        -          Physical Network 2
        o   Public traffic
        o   Guest
        o   Storage
        What is the best « CS way » to add my card (each with 2 10 Gbits ports), add move
management + Storage on the first port of the new card ?
        -          Physical Network 1
        o   No more traffic
        -          Physical Network 2
        o   Public
        o   Guest
        -          Physical Network 3 (first port of the new 10 Gbe card)
        o   Management
        o   Storage
        I tried to play arround with create physical network, but I can't do much with the
newly created network (no way to assign traffic type to them).
        Any help would be highly appreciated.
        Best Regards.
        Grégoire Lamodière
    53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK @shapeblue
53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK @shapeblue

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