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From Audrey Roberto B Baldin <>
Subject Re: Billing for services
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2016 12:57:13 GMT
I'm looking into the cloud_usage database, but it appears that some information are missing,
like they are not sync'ed with the production system.

I look into the accounts table for example, and can't find all accounts that exists in the
same table in the cloud database.

Is there any way to sync the data?


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De: "Grégoire Lamodière" <>
Para: "users" <>
Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016 19:59:29
Assunto: RE: Billing for services

Dear Audrey, 

The starting point would be to install and start the cloudstack usage service (I think this
step is well documented inside CS installation guide).
Basically, this service will collect and agregate usage for most CS metrics (Instance running,
storage, network, etc).
These metrics are then stored inside a MySQL DB (cloud_usage).

You can easily export these values directly from Mysql to Excel (

The second option (recommanded) is to use cloudstack API to get usage and manage them with
third part apps.

I personnaly tested Amysta few months ago, and it was pretty good.

Best Regards.
Grégoire Lamodière

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De : Audrey Roberto B Baldin [] 
Envoyé : jeudi 24 novembre 2016 15:02
À : users <>
Objet : Re: Billing for services

Dag, thanks for your return.

I'd looked at usage service, but could not figure out how to work with it, yet. I've been
reading some presentations from ShapeBlue about, but still coudn't understand how to use it.

But I'm not sure, for example, if the usage service can show bandwidth usage from each interface
of the VPC. How can I bill for internet usage for example if I can't measure only the internet
traffic a user is consuming from the public network?


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De: "Dag Sonstebo" <>
Para: "users" <>
Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016 11:35:22
Assunto: Re: Billing for services

Hi Audrey,

This is basically what the CloudStack usage service is for - suggest you install this and
take a look at the data this provides.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 24/11/2016, 13:14, "Audrey Roberto B Baldin" <> wrote:

>Hi there, 
>How can we get billing information from cloudstack? 
>If a customer is using a VPC, is it possible to get information of how much traffic he
is consuming in the public network and the private gateway? I don't intend to bill for the
traffic between VMs. 
>Thanks for your help! 
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