Hello Stephan,

Yes i ve already seen that. but unable to find that string in my primary storage.i found this blog but unable to find old vhd 


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if you take a look into the mysql cloud.volumes table, you should find
uuid-strings in the path-field. At least for XenServer lvmohba Storages
you should find that uuid as part of the lv-name (VHD-[uuid])


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> Hello Guys,
> I have a setup of acs 4.5.2 with 4 xenserver's 6.5,  one day while
> migrating  root disk of a vm  to another storage pool its gives me
> error.
> I tried to start my vm but it couldn't start and said unable to start
> due to insufficient capacity so I checked the logs and try to
> migrates again and this time it gave me error that unable to reach
> storage pool and the  uuid that u supplied is invalid. So I check the
> vhd file location from the db and searched it on my primary storage
> and found nothing that time. 
> Then I logged in to my xen server and checked the location of that
> vhd  it gave me 3 uuid of that vms so I checked that these 3 vhd was
> there in my primary storage, and here comes the main point that these
> 3 vhd were very small in size however my original vhd would be around
> 100GB,  and then I did manually entry of that vhd path in my database
> but successfully to start the vm but with no data.
> So where do I find the the old vhd file name..
> So anyone have any idea that we can find the old vhd name.
> Regards
> Vivek Kumar


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