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From Rajani Karuturi <>
Subject Re: problem with ldap authentication w/ grouOfNames
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:20:55 GMT
Are you trying to manually import users to cloudstack? Or did you
link ldap to a domain?
If its the later, users will get automatically imported to the
domain once its linked.In this case, check for the values in
ldap_trust_map.Here is a demo
~ Rajani
On July 22, 2016 at 7:52 PM, Stephan Seitz
( wrote:Hi guys!
We've currently setup acs 4.8 and trying to integrate
theauthentication for different domains with different kind of
grouOfNamesusing openldap.
Users are getting imported, but are unable to authenticate
withfollowing log:

2016-07-22 16:10:50,523 INFO [o.a.c.l.LdapContextFactory]
(catalina-exec-19:ctx-25b685df) (logid:f6a56bdc) LDAP SSL
enabled.2016-07-22 16:10:50,527 DEBUG
[o.a.c.l.LdapContextFactory] (catalina-exec-19:ctx-25b685df)
(logid:f6a56bdc) initializing ldap with providerurl:
ldaps://XXXXX:6362016-07-22 16:10:50,589 DEBUG
[o.a.c.l.LdapManagerImpl] (catalina-exec-19:ctx-25b685df)
(logid:f6a56bdc) ldap Exception: javax.naming.NamingException: No
user found for basednou=Groups,dc=XXXX,dc=YY and
Interestingly enough, the basedn is expanded to ou=Groups,....
rest ofthe dn is ok.
I'ld expecting an ldapquery with the given basedn instead
could someone please shed some light where or how to configure
we double-checked the entries for:ldap.basedn set to our
as said, importing the users is working as expected.
Thanks in advance!
- Stephan
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