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From ilya <>
Subject Re: Opportunity to contribute in Apache CloudStack
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2016 03:05:44 GMT
Hi Janesh

Use case:
	Manage different cloudstacks from single end point

	When cloudstack is used in large scale, there many different types of
environments that would need to be supported - but on the high level,
there might be:
	Development CloudStack Environments - that adhere to specific level of
configuration and content
	Production CloudStack Environments - that adhere to specific level of
configuration and content

The way one might design something likes this:
1) an interface to register all cloudstack environments
2) ability to tag each environment (dev, test or prod)
3) apple specific configuration templates for tag above
4) as configuration change is made - cloudstack manager would reach out
to each applicable cloudstack environment and apply the change (if
		dev environments, i may need to have specific service offerings with
specific templates and configurations
		test environment, i would stage pre-prod settings or something that i
would eventually promote to production
		prod environment, will only have set of approved settings, templates,
offerings, users etc...

CloudStack manager would need to support user with different level of
	1) admin - can do everything
	2) user - can do specific things
	3) read only user - can see things but not change

Besides managing the settings, the health of cloudstack zones (and
hosts) and its capacity would be displayed as well.
	For example, you might have 20 zones in 1 cloudstack environments, zone
can be 90% used in terms of resources, contain about 1000 hypervisors
and have 30 hypervisors in bad state.

All of this is doable via cloudstack APIs at the moment on each
cloudstack management server, however, there is nothing that connects
and lets you manage different kind of environments that can be grouped
by tag (i.e. dev, test and prod).

Please let me know if this is clear or you need more details,


On 7/10/16 11:55 AM, Jainesh Patel wrote:
> Hello ilya,
> Can you please tell us more about the "cloudstack manager" project, its
> use cases and requirements?  It looks like we would like to work on it.
> Regards,
> Jainesh Patel
> LinkedIn <>
> On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 11:32 AM, ilya <
> <>> wrote:
>     I agree that usage UI would be beneficial.
>     As other folks mentioned on this thread, cloudstack collects the usage
>     metrics for each VM via cloud-usage service stored on cloud_usage
>     database. We've been lacking this for some time now.
>     One other nice feature that would help apache cloudstack project alot -
>     is "cloudstack manager".
>     Conceptually - this means you have many cloudstack management servers
>     across the globe in different data centers, but there is nothing right
>     now that ties them all together.
>     As the result - each cloudstack environment is managed as its own
>     entity. Most companies then write their own "managers" or have scripts
>     that keep cloudstacks in-sync and healthy. If you have large
>     environments with thousands of hypervisors, many users and countless VMs
>     - it can go wild pretty quickly.
>     What does it mean (for new comers), cloudstack has many constructs:
>     Global Settings
>     Service, Disk Offerings, Templates
>     Zone Settings, Cluster Settings
>     Storage Settings
>     Healths of hypervisors, system and router vms
>     Users, accounts and domains
>     Virtual Machines
>     ...and more
>     All of the above - could be managed via CloudStack API. However, its
>     painful to keep all environments consistent.  Keeping your environments
>     consistent and having a single view - great simplifies the management of
>     dispersed cloudstack environments.
>     Either way - both are great projects - i can certainly help with use
>     cases and requirements for "cloudstack manager".
>     I'm pretty certain other folks in the community would help with "usage"
>     project.
>     Let us know what you would like to pursue.
>     Again, thank you for your participation
>     Regards,
>     ilya
>     On 7/8/16 3:30 AM, Erik Weber wrote:
>     > Pricing is hard to do, since there are so many different ways an
>     > organization might be doing their sales, so I would not focus on
>     that for
>     > the first release, but rather do it later.
>     > Make a minimum viable product/solution and take it from there.
>     >

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