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From Michael J McCafferty <>
Subject Best NIC for XenServer?
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2016 23:08:41 GMT
Fellow CloudStackers,

	We are currently using Intel X520-DA2 NICs in our hosts. The hosts use
XenServer. We have upgraded XenServer and applied periodic patches and
updates to XenServer... in general done the usual maintenance. It seems
that there are more issues with the NICs than expected. During
maintenance or after reboots, very irregularly, they may disappear, lose
the bond, being detected but not be configured in Xen.
	The HCL for XenServer 6.5 now lists the chip that is on the NIC, but
not the NIC model it self. This leaves me to wonder WTF.

	I have to ask, is there a known "best" NIC(s) to use with XenServer
going forward? Do the Intel X520-DA2 model known to be finicky with
	What is your experience?


Michael J. McCafferty
M5 Hosting

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