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From Glenn Wagner <>
Subject RE: Getting unauthorized error when using sync command in cloud monkey
Date Tue, 17 May 2016 09:07:33 GMT

Are you using the APIkey and secret in the cloudmonkey config file 

You can also try entering cloudmonkey CLI and type the following commands 

set url http://<Internal IP>8080/client/api
set apikey <put-your-api-key-for-your-user>
set secretkey <put-your-secret-key-for-your-user>

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From: anil lakineni [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 17 May 2016 10:46 AM
Subject: Getting unauthorized error when using sync command in cloud monkey

Hi All,

I am unable to sync API's in CloudMonkey and getting below error,

> sync
*Unauthorized: None*
*Failed to sync apis, please check your config?*
*Note: `sync` requires api discovery service enabled on the CloudStack management server*

Cloud Monkey version: 5.2.0
Citrix Cloud Platform version: 4.5.0

This is my cloud monkey configuration file, vi ~/.cloudmonkey/config

profile = local
asyncblock = true
paramcompletion = false
history_file = /root/.cloudmonkey/history cache_file = /root/.cloudmonkey/cache log_file =

color = true
prompt = 🐵 >
display = default

apikey = <xxxxxx>
url = http://<Internal IP>8080/client/api expires = 600 secretkey = <xxxxx> timeout
= 3600 username = xxxxxx password = xxxxxx

On both servers, management and cloudmonkey the iptables are in off state.

Please help me to fix this unauthorized issue, and let me know if any information needed.

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