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From Özhan Rüzgar Karaman <>
Subject Problem Releasing of Previously Allocated IP Address
Date Wed, 11 May 2016 15:05:27 GMT
I have setup of advanced networking with security groups enabled. Yesterday
i destroyed and restarted router-vm and after that i noticed that from the
CloudStack dashboard on Shared Network IP's there is one more extra ip
address allocated then its expected.

I checked mysql db (select * from user_ip_address where state="Allocated";)
to see which ip addresses are allocated and i noticed that there is an ip
address like x.x.x.5 is allocated but its not used by any vm or systemvm's.

After that i check management server log and i noticed that this ip is high
probably router vm's previous ip address. Because on management server log
i noticed lines like below:

2016-05-11 16:54:54,374 DEBUG [c.c.a.t.Request]
(Work-Job-Executor-116:ctx-19aae9a4 job-1302/job-1303 ctx-eb95bef0)
(logid:7f64e204) Seq 10-1563030545674275235: Sending  { Cmd , MgmtId:
345050167520, via: 10(kvma16), Ver: v1, Flags: 100011,
[{"":{"vmMac":"06:49:d6:00:00:03","vmIpAddress":"x.x.x.4","vmName":"win10CreateTemp444","defaultRouter":"x.x.x.1","defaultDns":"x.x.x.5","duid":"00:00:00:00:00:00:xx:00:00:03","isDefault":true,"executeInSequence":false,"accessDetails":{"":"Advanced","router.guest.ip":"x.x.x.15","router.ip":"","":"r-91-VM"},"wait":0}}] }

So the suspicious ip address is written in "defaultDns":"x.x.x.5" field and
its not correct. I am not currently using dhcp addresses which CloudStack
provides but 1 of my ip addresses are gone :)

So why this could happen is this be a bug?

I also checked logs that defaultDns entry is sometimes correct routervm
ip(x.x.x.15) and sometimes old router vm's ip (x.x.x.5).

Özhan Rüzgar Karaman

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