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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Ansible 2.1 released with new CloudStack modules
Date Mon, 30 May 2016 09:52:36 GMT

A few days ago, Ansible 2.1 has been release including several new
modules for CloudStack:

* cs_cluster
* cs_configuration
* cs_instance_facts
* cs_pod
* cs_resourcelimit
* cs_volume
* cs_zone
* cs_zone_facts

Documentation can be found on

Full changelog of 2.1 related to cloudstack:

Atsushi Sasaki (1):
      Enable to resize a volume with cs_volume

Michael Scherer (1):
      Do not leak passwords in case of error in cloudstack modules

Rene Moser (26):
      cloudstack: new module cs_volume
      cloudstack: cs_facts: fix wrong description of returns
cloudstack_public_ipv4, cloudstack_public_hostname
      cloudstack: cs_instance: implement state=restored
      cloudstack: fixes and improvements
      cloudstack: cs_instance: fixes and improvements
      cloudstack: cs_volume fixes and improvments
      cloudstack: fixes and improvements
      cloudstack: cs_template: implement state=extracted
      cloudstack: cs_volume: simplify detach on state=absent
      cloudstack: cs_instance: fix do not require name to be set to
avoid clashes
      cloudstack: fix name is not case insensitive
      cloudstack: fixes and improvements
      cloudstack: cs_portforward: fix missing return and remove unused arg
      cloudstack: use CS_HYPERVISORS from cloudstack utils
      cloudstack: new module cs_configuration
      cloudstack: add new module cs_resourcelimit
      cloudstack: cs_instance: implement updating security groups
      cloudstack: new module cs_cluster
      cloudstack: new module cs_pod
      cloudstack: new module cs_zone
      cloudstack: new module cs_instance_facts
      cloudstack: new module cs_zone_facts
      cloudstack: cs_template: fix cross_zones template removal
      cloudstack: fix doc, display_text not required
      cloudstack: cs_template: fix state=extracted
      cs_template: fix missing docs

René Moser (3):
      cloudstack: cs_instance: fix template not found (#2005)
      cloudstack, cs_firewall: fix network not found error in return
results (#2006)
      cs_loadbalancer_rule_member: doc fixes (#2184)

Toshio Kuratomi (1):
      Remove duplicate documentation fields

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