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From ilya <>
Subject Re: New Setup, CloudStack 4.8 - Networking Problems
Date Tue, 03 May 2016 16:17:12 GMT
I'm a bit late to the party, but thanks for posting the details of your
problem and solution! This at some point will be searchable by search
engines and help another fellow CloudStack'er.

On 4/30/16 9:43 PM, Brian Smith wrote:
> Hello,
> I got a lot of help from Simon in the IRC channel.
> I took the Native VLAN 81 off of the switchport config on the 6509. Once
> that was completed, the public IP was pingable externally. We did some
> further digging and was being routed out via the private network
> because I do not have internal DNS servers setup and I filled in as
> the internal DNS servers. So, in that sense, it was thinking wasn't
> going anywhere. I added a few rules and routed that traffic it was
> trying to send out through to the Internet and everything began working.
> Again Simon and Rafael (sp) thanks for your help over the past two days.
> I certainly hope I was able to help someone else out in the meantime. :)

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