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From Prashant Mishra <>
Subject Re: Management IP Estimating
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2016 04:59:03 GMT
1-2 IP for system vms ( ssvm+ cpvm), if you are not planning to spin more
than one system vm per zone
2-1 IP for router VM
3-And for each account one VR needed (in case of isolated n/w)

Plan accordingly 


On 3/26/16, 4:17 AM, "ilya" <> wrote:

>Depends on the type of setup you do and hypervisors you use.
>If you would be deploying private cloud with *Advanced Shared ZoneU,
>with what you proposed, assuming you are a vmware shop, you need at
>least 7, i'd do 10-15 to be safe for future growth.
>For KVM(and possibly XEN), it should be fairly low - as we are proxing
>through hypervisors. 5 IPs would be enough.
>I'd say, set aside upto 10 IPs for Management and you should be covered
>with some growths.
>On 3/25/16 8:14 AM, Semih Tolga DEMÄ°R wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I will design my environment.
>> My environment :ACS 4.8, and there are 4 C Class Public IPs with simple
>> network.
>> But I have a question about Management IP. How many Management IP, I
>> to manage this environment? Do you have any idea?
>> Thanks,
>> Tolga Demir

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