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From Engelmann Florian <>
Subject Managed hosting and Cloudstack
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 12:41:38 GMT
Dear list,

we do use CloudStack in production to provide VPCs and root server to our customers. Recently
we started using our CloudStack environment to implement new managed hosting projects. For
managed hosting we usually do monitoring/alarming, backup and 24x7 support. Most of our managed
hosting have been done bare metal or VMWare based. Implementing this latest managed hosting
project, which consists of about 16 systems on CloudStack felt somehow "wrong". We had to
use the VPCs private GW to get access to all VMs (monitoring, 24x7 support). As no PVLAN is
supported here we had to use a separated VLAN (we will have to do so for each managed hosting
customer). The VPCs firewall GUI does not allow any comments and is very basic. This does
not allow us to track changes and document rules. Certain tasks have to be done while logged
in as the customers CloudStack user otherwise the user would not be able to, eg. mount extra
disks. The idea was to use CloudStack snapshots to do backups but I don't think snapshots
are like real backups (you don't know if there are any filesystem errors) and all the scheduling
and reporting about snapshots failing or being successful is very basic.

Overall I was asking myself if there is any benefit of using Cloudstack over Xenserver (our
cloudstack hypervisor) to do managed hosting? It felt more like forcing something to do a
job it wasn't build for... What do you think?

All the best,

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