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From Mārtiņš Jakubovičs <>
Subject CloudStack HA
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 08:14:11 GMT

This morning I faced unexpected problem, one of XenServer hosts 
rebooted. I checked logs and it looks like due network issue, but 
question is why host rebooted it self? CloudStack's XS Pool is not HA 
enabled. And as I know, in ACS 4.3.2 CloudStack did not manage Host's HA 
or am I wrong?

Mar 30 07:00:33 cloudstack-1 heartbeat: Potential problem with 

not reachable since 65 seconds
Mar 30 07:00:33 cloudstack-1 heartbeat: Problem with 

not reachable for 65 seconds, rebooting system!

[root@cloudstack-1 ~]# xe pool-list params=all | grep ha-
                       ha-enabled ( RO): false
                 ha-configuration ( RO):
                    ha-statefiles ( RO):
     ha-host-failures-to-tolerate ( RW): 0
               ha-plan-exists-for ( RO): 0
              ha-allow-overcommit ( RW): false
                 ha-overcommitted ( RO): false

So did ACS manage some kind of host's HA?

XenServer 6.2
ACS 4.3.2

Best regards,

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