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From Vladislav Nazarenko <>
Subject cloudstack usage seems not to work - need help
Date Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:51:07 GMT
Hi Everybody,

need you help trying to start with the cloudstack usage ...

used these instructions:

I see in logs no errors and the following lines are written every 10 seconds

DEBUG [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl] (main:null) (logid:) Checking to 
see if exists.
INFO  [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl] (main:null) (logid:) Implementation 
Version is 4.7.1
DEBUG [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl] (main:null) (logid:) Usage stats 
aggregation time zone: GMT
DEBUG [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl] (main:null) (logid:) Execution 
Time: Mon Feb 29 20:40:00 CET 2016
DEBUG [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl] (main:null) (logid:) Current Time: 
Mon Feb 29 20:45:45 CET 2016
INFO  [cloud.usage.UsageServer] (main:null) (logid:) UsageServer ready...

But still nothing in cloud_usage.cloud_usage on the mysql side ...

Please advise

Kind regards

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