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From Mario Giammarco <>
Subject Re: Getting crazy with KVM network config
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 22:32:22 GMT
ilya <ilya.mailing.lists@...> writes:

> In order for CloudStack to talk to System VM, it uses the KVM host as
> proxy, because the SystemVM is on link-local (unroutable) network.
> Specifically, CloudStack will connect to KVM on 3922 and execute a
> command called cloudstack-ssh
> example: cloudstack-ssh
Thank you for these info.
Infact I tried to start with basic networking the configuration seemed all
ok, the system vm take a management and guest ip but then... nothing.
Now I discover that cloudstack uses also link-local network.

So I have management (included storage), public, guest and link-local

If these networks must be supported on kvm host I need to have 4
vlans/bridges. How should I call them?

Am I right?

Thanks again,

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