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From Giles Sirett <>
Subject RE: Thoughts on Citrix announcement yesterday
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:48:10 GMT
Sebastien - thanks for your message

I also echo your thoughts: I agree this is not an issue for the project or ASF to comment
on but hopefully, at long last this, *may* stop people referring to "Citrix CloudStack" !

I hope that the individual contributors who are affected by this news are able to continue
being part of this - and I really hope that they can bring some new colleagues with them.

Like Ian, the people we work with here greatly value ACS and recognise its true value.

So, the outside world may see this as a major change, but here in the community I see business
as usual, I see things being in really good shape, I see healthy collaboration and debate......and
great software being created. Long may that continue

Kind Regards

Giles Sirett
CEO     ,       ShapeBlue

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From: Ian Rae []
Sent: 13 January 2016 11:39
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Citrix announcement yesterday

Sebastien, echoing your comments and sentiments. We understand Citrix has a market driven
imperative to focus on their core products and services, and thank them for kickstarting and
enabling this awesome Apache community that represents an end-user driven cloud orchestration
tool of great value, that is relatively simple to install and operate allowing people to focus
on consuming cloud resources instead of building and babysitting them. There is a sustainable
market in solving for easy, cheap and reliable.

Consider that in many tales, the hero being discounted as dead is often a key advantage, and
emerges from a plot twist to “win" the day. What that will be is up to the community, old
and new, to determine. I am happy to share the excitement and optimism of the many end users
CloudOps works with every day who value Apache CloudStack for “just working”.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Nux! <> wrote:

> Hi Sebastien,
> Thanks for your thoughts! I for one am being optimistic about this change.
> I'm also not worried about containers, I think you've spent too much
> time among hammers and now everything looks like a nail. :-)
> There is a massive load of stuff that at the moment needs (data
> centre) virtualisation and Cloudstack is in a better shape than ever
> to take care of that.
> So long Citrix and thanks for all the fish!
> Hello Accelerite!
> My 2 pence,
> Lucian
> --
> Sent from the Delta quadrant using Borg technology!
> Nux!
> ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Sebastien Goasguen" <>
> > To:,,
> >
> > Sent: Tuesday, 12 January, 2016 16:20:44
> > Subject: Thoughts on Citrix announcement yesterday
> > Hi everyone (cross-posting),
> >
> > Yesterday Citrix announced that it sold its CloudPlatform business
> > to
> Accelerite
> > from Persistent Systems [1]
> >
> > As you know CloudPlatform is Citrix’s commercial distribution of
> > Apache CloudStack. I wanted to share a few thoughts on what this
> > means for
> CloudStack.
> >
> > One of the core tenet of the Apache Software Foundation is
> non-affiliation to
> > companies, as such all of us on these lists participate and
> > contribute to CloudStack as individuals. While the majority of us
> > who are contributing
> daily
> > to CloudStack are actually doing it as part of our day jobs we still
> voice our
> > opinions as individuals and companies do not (and should not) have
> influence on
> > what we do. This is one of the things that makes ASF great. This is
> > also
> one of
> > the reasons why the ASF and us as a project will not comment on
> > this announcement. It is Citrix’s business, not ours.
> >
> > That said, Citrix gave CloudStack to the ASF back in 2012 and
> > contributed heavily in the early days to its development and
> > maintenance. We should
> be
> > thankful to Citrix for donating this software and helping the
> > community
> grow.
> > Giving it to the ASF was also the move that allows us to keep on
> > going
> like
> > “business” as usual. We as a project do not depend on Citrix. Hence
> Citrix
> > selling its CloudPlatform business does not change our day to day.
> >
> > Over the years it is fair to say that Citrix involvement through the
> > many individuals participating on these lists as diminished, with
> > the vast
> majority
> > of the work now carried on by others. If we were to do a ASF “faux-pas”
> and
> > actually check affiliation of the folks that are doing most of the
> development
> > and release work, we would see other companies than Citrix.
> > Companies
> offering
> > CloudStack services but also and mostly CloudStack users, a few
> > doing it
> as a
> > hobby and most because their company uses it. This is open source at
> > its
> core,
> > folks using a software, loving it, loving their peers, and
> > contributing
> back
> > for the benefit of everyone.
> >
> > It is impossible for me to say what Accelerite will do, I have had
> > no
> contact
> > with them so far and did not know this sale was coming. Neither do I
> know what
> > will happen to all the fine Citrix engineers that were still working
> > on CloudStack. Whatever they do, I wish them the best and thank them
> > for the dedication to our project over the years. Early indication
> > from the press release seems to indicate that Accelerite will engage
> > with us. If they
> do, we
> > will welcome them like any contributors to an ASF project. With
> > openness, transparency and respect (the Apache way).
> >
> > I do want to mention that I think this may be an opportunity for
> CloudStack.
> > Observers might think that our project is dead because of Citrix
> > selling
> its
> > business, but they would be mis-informed about the nature of ASF
> projects. I
> > actually believe the contrary and think this will be a time where
> > more
> users
> > and potentially companies will engage more actively. They will see
> > that
> the
> > route to a successful Cloud is through engaging and becoming part of
> > our community. They will also finally stop thinking that CloudStack
> > is a
> Citrix
> > product and that might be the kicker that brings them on board.
> >
> > Finally, being a technical guy, I like to focus on technical things.
> > We
> have
> > done some great strides over the past 8 months, we have stabilized
> CloudStack
> > and are now releasing faster than ever, we have dockerized, we have
> pluginized,
> > we have had several events... In september we will go to Brazil for CCC.
> Brazil
> > is seeing a huge growth in CloudStack adoption.
> >
> > We still have a ton to do, from removing technical debt, fixing
> > security
> issues,
> > improving packaging, making CloudStack ever more easier to develop
> > and
> use.
> > This has not changed. We have some very important discussions going
> > on
> around
> > LTS and GitHub hosting. If anything I think the container movement
> > is a
> bigger
> > threat to our project than Citrix’s announcement. As companies start
> > to
> embrace
> > the container ecosystem and building containerized applications,
> > what
> happens
> > to CloudStack ? How does CloudStack work in a container world ? The
> > same question are valid for OpenStack by the way, I just don’t buy
> > into the
> Magnum
> > effort, but I digress :)
> >
> > So thank you Citrix, we hope to welcome Accelerite and let’s keep on
> Stacking,
> >
> > [1]
> >
> re-cloudplatform/
> >
> > -Sebastien
> > VP Apache CloudStack

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