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From Dag Sonstebo <>
Subject Re: Getting crazy with KVM network config
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 14:38:53 GMT
Hi Mario,

first of all you may be better off just configuring untagged bridges on top of your NIC and
let CloudStack take care of VLAN tagging - I.e. if you don’t have the suggested VLANs 100/200/300
already configured and in use they don’t make sense.

With regards to networking you configure your bridges with ovs-vsctl etc., then match these
settings in your /etc/network/interfaces. When the host is added to CloudStack the management
server will take care of configuring additional tagged ports on the OVS switches to allow
your guest VMs / System VMs to communicate on the right VLANs. The most important part is
to make sure your CloudStack zone networking has the correct KVM traffic label for each type
of network, i.e. these have to be configured with “cloudbr0” etc. depending on what you
called your bridges.


Dag Sonstebo

Dag Sonstebo

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On 07/01/2016, 22:51, "Mario Giammarco" <> wrote:

>I am evaluating cloudstack 4.7
>I have followed instructions for creating kvm hosts with openvswitch
>networking (and vlan 100, 200, 300 as suggested)
>Tried creating a basic zone network in different ways.
>It seems ok but it cannot reaches secondary storage.
>It is due to the fact that I cannot reach system vm.
>From documentation it is not clear at all that cloudstack needs to create
>two system vms to access secondary storage and as a proxy.
>So I tried advanced networking in the hope I can tell cloudstack right
>vlans/subnets and so on.
>When I add first host I see the host do not reply anymore.
>So I go to console and I see that cloudstack has modified openvswitch
>configuration and it has also modified /etc/network/interfaces putting
>management network on wrong vlan and so destroying completely my previous
>From documentation I cannot understand if I have to configure networking in
>hosts or if is cloudstack that configures it.
>Anyway it does not configure it in the right way.
>Can you please tell me a working tutorial?
>Can you please help me in some way?
>Please note that in the kvm hosts I have one network card with vlans.
>Thanks in advance,
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