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From ilya <>
Subject Re: vm doesn't hava ip address
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 01:52:00 GMT
several possibilities,

usually implies router vm could not reach the guest vm - due to various
reasons, i would check the network and trunking.

secondly it could also relate to networking on the linux os, if you do
"ifconfig -a", do you see eth1 perhaps?

1) assuming its rhel based os, you may want to confirm ifcfg-eth0 does
not have UUID or MAC hardcoded
2) udev rules for network stack could also map the MAC to specific eth
interface. its is safe to delete 70-net-persistent.rules file from

if 1 and 2 are true for you, fix the issue and reboot

try dhclient -r && dhclient ethX

otherwise, we are missing context here - you told us nothing about your
setup, hence i cant be any more helpful


On 1/27/16 6:38 AM, wrote:
> Hi, all
>    My cloudstack version is 4.6 and I have created a vm, in UI the ip address is,
but  when I used vnc to login in the vm there is only one address when I input "ifconfig".
I would like to access Internet from this vm, what should I do?
>    Thank you.

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