Hi Bernhard,

Can you run following checklist:

1. The host configuration in global setting points to management server IP
2. In the logs, I see XenServer communication exceptions so can you check if you’re able to reach XenServer from the management server. Please find and remove any iptables rules dropping/filtering packets.
3. For VMware, you need to make sure that the management server can reach both primary and secondary storages, and it can mount secondary storage. From what I remember, you don’t need to explicitly copy systemvm.iso on secondary storage for vmware; CloudStack should do that for you. Check connectivity between ESXi hosts a nd
4. Please check that you’ve seeded 4.3 systemvm template for VMware and that it belongs to the SYSTEM account/user, and update router.template.vmware global setting with the template name. In the vm_instance table, check for the failing systemvms (CPVM and SSVM) if the hypervisor_type matches where it is trying to run those VMs (also check against the template_id and vm_templates table, that it’s using correct template and hypervisor).


On 03-Dec-2015, at 1:41 AM, Bernhard Dübi <1linuxengineer@gmail.com> wrote:


we have a CloudStack 4.3.2 installation with 152 XenServer 6.2.0 hosts organized in 2 zones. We use local disks as primary storage and NFS shares as secondary storage. So good so far.
Now I created a new zone and added a VMware cluster with 2 ESX 5.5 hosts. I configured 2 NFS shares as primary and secondary storage. I copied the vSphere systemvm to the new secondary storage as described in the installation guide.
If I understand right, this template will be used to deploy the SSVM.
Unfortunately something is missing and CloudStack fails to deploy the SSVM and - probably as a consequence - the Console Proxy
Please find attached a small part of the management-server.log

Any idea what's wrong? Thanks for your help


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