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From France <>
Subject Re: Can I delete a unused VHD in a chain?
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 18:39:39 GMT
Thank you Vladim, for your response.
Ity is greatly appreciated.

I will surely read the document.
So If I understand correctly, I can try to remove it and if it would be bad for my setup,
xe will not do it? :-)
I guess coalesce will not work, if one VHD in chain is corrupted.
I guess I will have to try and repair it first.
We will see. :-)

I vageuly remember that thin provisioning was not possible with CLVM over ISCSI at the time
of cluster setup, so I guess we do not have it.


On 09 Dec 2015, at 18:18, Vadim Kimlaychuk <> wrote:

> Dear France,
>          Hope this article helps you:
 Common practice is to use "vhd-util" to merge (coalesce) VHD files into usable image. Luckily
xe tool is smart enough not to allow you destroy image that is a part of the chain. Of course
it is more safe to copy all the files before destruction (in a case you have thin provisioning).
> Vadim.
> On 2015-12-09 18:27, France wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> below is the chain cross referenced with CS MySql database.
>> Can I delete/destroy 1a240d45-ee0a-4c30-809b-3114dfaf85ba without bad consequences?
Are next in chain dependant upon it?
>> *555b38bf[VHD](20.000G//2.695G|n) -> not foud
>> 5afd5849[VHD](20.000G//8.000M|n) -> found in template_spool_ref. status ready,
template ID 292
>> *02e8b56b[VHD](20.000G//12.000M|n) -> not found
>> *1a240d45[VHD](20.000G//136.000M|n) <- corrupted and not found
>> *c99e711b[VHD](20.000G//136.000M|n) -> not found
>> 34a03c9a[VHD](20.000G//8.000M|a) -> found in shapshot_store_ref. state destroyed,
volume id 661, from template id 292
>> 5c12db0a[VHD](20.000G//8.000M|n) -> found in shapshot_store_ref. state destroyed
-> probably not part of the above chain?
>> I would do xe vdi-destroy=1a240d45-ee0a-4c30-809b-3114dfaf85ba .
>> Alternatively I think about exporting template ID 292 in CS, deleting it and importing
it back again. It should remove the whole chain, right? 'Cause noone is using it?
>> Regards,
>> F.

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