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From Vadim Kimlaychuk <>
Subject Re: Ceph & KVM clusters on the same servers
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:29:46 GMT
Dear Vladimir,

You have this in documentation: "Warning. It is NOT recommended to run 
services on this host not controlled by CloudStack." from here:
Believe me - this is for reason. It is usually bad idea to mix different 
roles at one host unless you want to have all-in-one development 
environment for some specific goal. Linux is great, but more your put on 
one host more fragile becomes the entire system. You can't change one 
part without breaking the other.


On 2015-12-15 16:08, Vladimir Melnik wrote:

> Hello,
> Have anyone tried to use the same servers for a KVM virtualization
> HA-cluster and a Ceph storage cluster?
> So guests' VMs and volumes will be quite available. Of course, there'll
> be huge network load, so we'll have to design our network wisely. Maybe
> a separate network for the management VLAN and for the
> management/monitoring network of Ceph, a separate one for the secondary
> storage network, another one - for public & private VLANS of guests 
> and,
> the last but not least, a network to interact with the Ceph storage 
> from
> hypervisors. Should be working fine, shouldn't it?
> If anyone tried to implement this configuration, would you be so kind 
> as
> to share any of your conclusions about its performance and reliability?
> Thank you very much in advance!


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