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From Summer Nguyen <>
Subject Cloudstack Shared Network without VLAN
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 11:00:17 GMT
Dear Cloudstack Users and Enginners,
I'm planning using Cloudstack, and I'm facing with Network problem due 
to my bad  network configuration .

Our Network has 1 Public Network and 1 Private Network :

  * Public Network :  VLAN tagged
  * Private Network :
      o NO VLAN Tagged.
      o All Switch Ports are in Mode Access VLAN 1 .
      o No Default Gateway
      o Servers in same Subnet can connect to each other : Example : ,
      o Changing this may takes months due to Budget, time ,...

*All Servers must be attached two interfaces, including Nodes and 
Virtual Machines  :*

  * Eth0 : Public Network
  * Eth1 : Private Network

With Physical Servers, this will be fine , But in Virtual Machines, I 
got difficulty in making Severs reachable by Private Network .

Here is my Physical Network info :

With Public Network , I can easily create a Guest Shared Network (with 
VLAN specified) and Mode Trunking in Public Switch Port.
But in Private Network , It doesn't working with the same way because we 
have to Specify VLAN in Guest Shared Network while *All Servers  are in 
VLAN 1 . *

I just want our VM can be reachable using Private Network .

Here is the Bridge Configure in the Server Node :

  * 2 System VMs work as I expected.
  * My Virtual Machine fail, due to it will create a Bridge with VLAN 1
    : breth1-1

Changing the Private Network to the way with multiple VLANs is hard for 
me right now.
Please give me some ideas to make  Shared Guest  Network without VLAN  

Sorry for bad English. Ask me more if you don't understand.

Thank you very much.

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