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From Patrick W. <>
Subject failed to clean restart a network due to bad template url
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2015 12:27:29 GMT
Hi all,


Wondering if this is a bug or if it can be fixed quickly. I’m
running 4.4.1 with xen. Original install was 4.3 and did upgrade to 4.4.1


When I attempt to do a clean restart of a network, the existing
VR is getting expunged correctly, but the new VR isn’t being created and I
receive an error: Failed to Restart Network.


To workaround this error, I simply need to start a VM part
of this Network and it create the new VR correctly.


Management logs show this particular error:

12:50:09,050 WARN 
[o.a.c.e.o.NetworkOrchestrator] (API-Job-Executor-24:ctx-5625f3c1
job-41558 ctx-c6332a2b) Failed to implement network
Ntwk[35443c6e-f0d0-4dd2-9413-9a8b8112d20f|Guest|8] elements and resources as a part
of network restart due to
Template 9 has not been completely downloaded to zone 1


Template 9 is the following:

SystemVM Template


HTTP Server returned
404 (expected 200 OK)


Indeed the url is wrong and it can’t grab it. But why is it
attempting to download the hyperv one, if I’m not using hyper-v at all? Why is this ruining
the clean restart of a network if I don't need that template at all?


Any quick fix here? Can someone upload the correct file in
.bz2 instead of .zip? Or can I edit the url in my DB to put the zip equivalent (can CS then
correctly complete the download process?)

Thanks in advance! 		 	   		  
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