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From Alexander Couzens <>
Subject Re: VirtualRouter has duplicated public interface and broken NAT functionality
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 13:44:34 GMT
On Tue, 17 Nov 2015 06:42:11 +0000
Remi Bergsma <> wrote:

> You are right, eth3 should not be there. Somehow the detection of the
> public interface goes wrong and it ends up creating a new one.
Thanks for confirming my thoughts.
> In the logs, instead of ethX, I see null which is an indication:
> 2015-11-17 01:38:17,760 DEBUG [cloud.agent.Agent]
> (agentRequest-Handler-1:null) Processing command:
> 2015-11-17 01:38:17,769
> DEBUG [kvm.resource.OvsVifDriver] (agentRequest-Handler-1:null)
> plugging nic=[Nic:Public-null-vlan://104]

null should be the ip address not the device.

> I've seen this before and I think it is the combination of ovs with a
> tagged (as in vlan) network. 
> You probably have specified a vlan tag in CloudStack (104?) on some
> bridge. If you can change it to use untagged, but then point to an
> ovs bridge that is tagged it will most likely work. You then move the
> tagging from CloudStack to ovs. I think this is how I worked around
> it when I saw this. 

I'll try that out later.

> Don't get me wrong, what you did should work so this is a bug. The
> cause needs to be figured out but it wasn't too obvious. 
> I'm also curious to know if 4.6.0 (which will be available this week)
> still has this issue. 
> This is what I remember, hope it gives some pointers. 

I digged a little bit into the source and found this
line and found in getBroadcastUriFromBridge()
the Regex Pattern.compile("(\\D+)(\\d+)(\\D*)(\\d*)");
My bridge is named ovs-trunk, so it will never match this, because it
doesn't has a number on it's end.

How can I get the debug output of that file?
sed -i 's/INFO/DEBUG/g' /etc/cloudstack/agent/log4j-cloud.xml doesn't
helped here. I want the output of 
s_logger.debug("getting broadcast uri for pif " + pif + " and bridge " + brName);

Alexander Couzens

mobile: +4915123277221
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