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From Stephan Seitz <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Metrics views for CloudStack UI
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:47:17 GMT
This looks really great!
You've added the metrics view at the Infrastructure tab. This is nice
for the platform ops.
I assume the very same metrics would also be a benefit for domain-admins
(say: customers). I'ld suggest to add this view somewhere below the
Instances tab.


- Stephan

Am Donnerstag, den 05.11.2015, 14:09 +0000 schrieb Rohit Yadav: 
> Hi all,
> The present CloudStack UI hides most of the metrics data such as cpu,
> memory, disk, network usage in inner detail views. Such information is
> critical to find issues in one’s cloud, for example finding clusters
> where hosts are failing, or finding storage pools where disk space has
> depleted beyond configured global or cluster thresholds.
> The metrics views for CloudStack UI is an attempt to solve those
> problems that brings in several UI enhancements such as sortable
> tables, new status icons, methods to control breadcrumb navigation,
> making UI’s global list* API pagesize dynamic, a new table widget
> based on listView widget that is both horizontally and vertically
> scrollable, supports cell/threshold coloring, collapsible columns
> along with navigation from one view to another and quick-view actions.
> For example, currently support navigation are: Zone to Cluster to Host
> to Instance to Volumes, and Storage Pool to Volumes. 
> The current version implements six resource views for zone, cluster,
> host, instance, volume and storage pool (primary storage). The metrics
> framework (based on listView widget) would allow developers to write
> more such view where information can be densely packed.
> Please checkout the FS (with some screenshots) and the PR;
> FS:
> PR:
> Comments and suggestions?
> Regards,
> Rohit Yadav
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