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From Mārtiņš Jakubovičs <>
Subject Advanced network without Public traffic
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 12:15:29 GMT

I want to create Zone with two shared networks, so I create Advanced 
Zone via cloudmonkey, add 3 physical networks, (one for Storage + 
Management, and last two for Guest traffic's). After that when I try to 
enable zone, I got error, that zone need physical network with Public 
traffic type.

In Advanced Zone with enabled Security Groups, I am able to create two 
shared networks, but now I have new problem, instance can have only one 
network with enabled SG in same time, but I need two shared networks on 
my instances.

Is it possible to create Advanced Zone without physical network with 
Public traffic type. Or, create at least one shared network without 
enabled SG in Advanced Zone with enabled SG?
Also, it looks bit odd, when I try create two shared networks from 
different physical networks and I am able create only one shared network 
with untagged VLAN tag.

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