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From Mārtiņš Jakubovičs <>
Subject Multiple guest networks
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:07:22 GMT

Is it able to enable "Network Service Provider" for manually added 
"Physical Network"?
What I did:

1.) Create Advanced network with SG, with one guest network.
2.) Via cloudmonkey create second guest physical network.
3.) Add "Network Service Provider": 🐵 > add networkserviceprovider 
physicalnetworkid=c2e6488a-77ee-43ae-a358-1479e4bfd8cc name=VirtualRouter
3.) Enable "Network Service Provider": 🐵 > update 
networkserviceprovider id=2447f2a9-6809-43f7-ac40-7a588b5941b7 state=Enabled
And got error: Provider is not ready, cannot Enable the provider, please 
configure the provider first

Via GUI same result.

My main goal is to create two shared networks for instances. One is 
public, with direct public IP allocation via DHCP and second for 
internal use. Maybe there is easier way to create such setup.

Best regards,

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