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From Timothy Lothering <>
Subject RE: CloudStack 4.5: "Add VMware Datacenter" ?
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 05:16:36 GMT
Hi Traiano,

I assume you have OS Templates for XenServer? Try creating a new template (or export/import
the current ones) for the VMware platform. Then select the "VMware" based template when deploying
a new instance.

Kind Regards,

Timothy Lothering
Timothy Lothering
Solutions Architect
Managed Services

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From: Traiano Welcome [] 
Sent: Saturday, 24 October 2015 2:38 PM
Subject: CloudStack 4.5: "Add VMware Datacenter" ?

Hi List

I have a zone setup with a single XenServer cluster and pod. This has been running stably
for a number of months now.

I also have a VMware 5.5 datacenter deployed, and decided to add the vmware datacenter to
the zone, using the "Add VMware Datacenter"
option, which appears on the zone settings page under "Infrastructure"
This seems to happen without error, and the VMware DC appears to associated with the Zone.

My assumption was that I would then be able to deploy VMs for this zone onto either XenServer
or VMware (a further assumption was that I wouldn't need to do any further configuration to
have this feature active).

However, when I try to create a new instance, I don't see any options for deploying a VM to

I don't seem to be able to find much documentation on _using_ this feature in the CloudStack
documentation, besides the documentation on installing cloudstack for VMware.

Would anyone be able to explain what this feature is supposed to do, and if there is any additional
configuration that must be done to make it active?

Many thanks in advance,
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