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From Vadim Kimlaychuk <>
Subject Re: How to configure cloudstack for public use
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 18:52:14 GMT


  Cloudstack is already meant to be public cloud provider software. There 
is no specific configuration for that. It has its own limitations, but 
majority of the tasks can be accomplished out of the box (I mean NAT, 
SNAT, IP allocation, firewall, user management, VM management, etc.).

  Basic zone provides simple network architecture for the clients while 
advance zone has VPC option to offer. If you are going to offer IAAS -- 
you should implement advanced zone. Advance zone is more complicated.

  External hardware devices may improve your set-up or performance, but 
for PfSence there is no plug-in for cloudstack available so you can't 
manage it from CS. I can't say if it is worth to use it at your future 
set-up. Cloudstack manages public IPs and does NAT, so you hardly need 
anything else to do it. For VPC you need external switch that manages 
VLANS. May be you can use pfSence for that.



  On 2015-⁠09-⁠29 17:01, Luis wrote:

> Hi
> I hope you can help me or give me an idea with this request
> I have a client requesting me to install cloudstack but the client 
> wants to be able to do what a norma ISP does when selling a VM, let 
> users choose what they want and assign publics IP.
> I will appreciate your comments or ideas.
> This are a couple of questions I have.1.- Should I use advance zone for 
> the Installation?2.- Can I use a pool of Public IP on cloudstack to be 
> assigned on VM facing Internet?3.- I have PFSense in front of 
> Cloudstack, should I let it handle the Public IP's and nat to a private 
> IP?4.- Is there any open source tool that can monitor or limit the 
> bandwidth for cloudstack?
> Thank you for your help.

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