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From Prapul <>
Subject Re: Mouting Dvd/Cd Rom from VM and Vm Networking
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 07:01:35 GMT
Hi Giri,

For Cloudstack deployed VM you have  optionĀ  to attache iso,for that you make that dvd as
iso and upload it through Cloudstack.

Prapul sriram,
Cloud Architect,
PSI Cloud Solutions,
On Aug 7, 2015 11:26, Giri Prasad wrote: > > Hi All, > > I have installed Cloudstack
4.4 on Ubuntu 14.02 LTS. Have also created two vm's like Centos6.5 and Windows 7, both 64
bit. > > The Ubuntu 14.02 LTS is showing me a Realtek driver, when the lspci command
is issued. > > When I go into VM1 of Centos 6.5, install it, detach the iso, and then
reboot the vm. Upon logging into the Centos VM, the networking is working cleanly from inside
this Centos VM. That is, pinging, browsing etc is working perfectly good with this Centos
6.5 VM. > > Then created a Windows7 vm, installed the os on the vm, detached the iso,
and rebooted this windows vm. When I log in into this Windows7 vm the network is not connected.
Upon inspecting the networking connections, windows is showing that it is using, Intel driver,
which apparentely seems not correct. > > Please advise, how to enable networking from
this Windows7 vm running onCloudstack 4.4 on Ubuntu 14.02 LTS, 64 bit versions. > >
Also please inform, on how to mount the dvd/cd rom, from the vm, in a single server cloudstack
installation setup. > > > Thanks & Regards, > Giri
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