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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Re: cloudstack and vmware production?
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2015 19:48:46 GMT

We run Cloud Platform in production since 2012 with VMware in advanced
networkig having currently ~1500 VMs. We have few but bigger environments.

Currently running 4.2.1 and plan to update to CloudStack 4.5.1 shortly
and 4.5.2 when it is released.

DRS could not be used before 4.5.1, in 4.5.1 DRS does work for VMs but
not for virtual routers (VR) in advanced networking to a side effect of
another fix. However this has been addressed and fixed in 4.5.2!

If you plan to use projects, affinity groups will not work (it never
has), but should be fixed in 4.6 or later.

I can not recommend redundant routers, it did not work well and caused
more problems then it solved.

I highly recommend 4.5 for cloudstack with VMware in production, but do
not enable DRS before 4.5.2 is released. We did a lot of testing and
contributed a lot of fixes and improvements for the virtual router
coming into 4.5 and later, and to me, I am very confident, that this is
the most stable version of cloudstack for VMware I have seen.

Hope that helps.


On 08/08/2015 08:43 AM, Tejas Sheth wrote:
> Hello,
>   We are planing to deploy cloudstack in production with VMware and
> cloudstack in large scale production environment (100+ accounts with 200+
> VMS) with advanced networking .
>   We have evaluated multiple hypervisor and we have finalized VMware
> vsphere as hypervisor layer. I have following queries regarding stability.
>   1) which vmware version and cloudstack version is integrates and
> maintains stability
>   2) does anyone has tested VMware NSX with cloudstack?
>   Really appreciate your advice in advance.
> Thanks,
> Tejas

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