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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: cloudmonkey - account name with spaces
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 16:09:28 GMT
Hi Marco,

Are you using the latest version, CloudMonkey 5.3.1?

Can you try using double quotes? Like: assign virtualmachine account=“string1 string2”
(CloudMonkey using shlex, fyi)

The account parameter for the API should be provided as is (in case you were trying to do
wild card search using a star - *).

Hope this helps.

On 08-Jul-2015, at 7:34 pm, Marco Giovannini <<>>


after a deeper investigation I think the  issue is in the
in the following function as it is using space as delimiter for the options
of the command.

I will install a cloudmonkey in my test environment and I'll see if I'm
right and able to fix it.

   def default(self, args):
       if self.pipe_runner(args):

       apiname = args.partition(' ')[0]
       verb, subject = splitverbsubject(apiname)

       lexp = shlex.shlex(args.strip())
       lexp.whitespace = " "
*        lexp.whitespace_split = True*
       lexp.posix = True
       args = []
       while True:
           next_val =
           if next_val is None:
           args.append(next_val.replace('\x00', ''))

       args_dict = dict(map(lambda x: [x.partition("=")[0],
                            args[1:])[x] for x in range(len(args) - 1))
       field_filter = None
       if 'filter' in args_dict:
           field_filter = filter(lambda x: x is not '',
                                 map(lambda x: x.strip(),

       missing = []
       if verb in self.apicache and subject in self.apicache[verb]:
           missing = filter(lambda x: x not in [key.split('[')[0]
                                                for key in args_dict],

       if len(missing) > 0:
           self.monkeyprint("Missing arguments: ", ' '.join(missing))

       isasync = False
       if 'asyncapis' in self.apicache:
           isasync = apiname in self.apicache['asyncapis']

       result = self.make_request(apiname, args_dict, isasync)

       if result is None:
           responsekeys = filter(lambda x: 'response' in x, result.keys())
           for responsekey in responsekeys:
               self.print_result(result[responsekey], field_filter)
       except Exception as e:
           self.monkeyprint("🙈  Error on parsing and printing", e)


On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 7:44 PM, Nick Brody <<>>

thanks mate

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 4:06 AM, Marco Giovannini <<>>


I'm using Cloudstack 4.3.X. and  I need to  use cloudmonkey to perform the
task of assigning the vm instance to another user (I did not find a way to
do from the web interface in one step)

I'm using the following command:

assign virtualmachine *account='Part1 Part2 Part3*'

This command is giving me back the following error

nt/api', 'expires=600',

'timeout=3600', 'password=password']
2015-07-07 10:47:37,578 - - [DEBUG] ======== START Request
2015-07-07 10:47:37,579 - - [DEBUG] Requesting
command=assignVirtualMachine, args={'networkids':
'ff1567f0-0820-4116-98b1-c79a55120356',* 'Part3': ''*, 'virtualmachineid':
'96aa0da7-29ca-48a7-b928-b73052933e21', *'account': 'Part1', 'Part2':* '',
'domainid': '9f33d216-cd9e-485a-9858-e5805afe8097'}
2015-07-07 10:47:37,579 - - [DEBUG] Request sent:

10:47:37,675 - - [DEBUG] Response received: None
2015-07-07 10:47:37,675 - -* [DEBUG] Error:
Error:Unauthorized None*

As  you  can see the account name with spaces is messing up the account
name used in the call and this is the reason I get the unauthorized error.

I tried different way to put the account name, with quote  without quote
substitute the space with %20 but nothing worked.

Is the any known workaround  to get rid of this issue?


Rohit Yadav
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