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From Thomas Schneider <>
Subject CloudStack + ELK with log4j-jsonevent-layout
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2015 19:36:57 GMT

I would like to setup ELK stack to monitor CloudStack Log.
I have already setup a central Elastisearch + Logstach + Kibana server
who receive logs from all my cloudstack management server via
logstach-forwader and it work pretty well with the standart system's log
file like /var/log/syslog etc... because they can be easyly parsed by
logstach's grok filter.

But the main problem I have, is I didn't find a good technique to parse
cloudstack log file.

However i founded a plugin for log4j who's called log4j-jsonevent-layout
that can output the cloudstack log in json and the json log are easy to
parse for logstache, but a dindn't found how to setup this plugin.

So howto setup log4j-jsonevent-layout witch cloudstack ?
If someone can advise me on this issue.

*Thomas Schneider*

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